Brian Grant capsule

Brian Grant capsule


Posted April 29 2001

AGE: 29.

CONTRACT STATUS: Six seasons remaining, including next season at $9.9 million. Holds early-termination option after 2004-05 season.

FINANCIAL ISSUE: Because Grant was added in a sign-and-trade transaction, there are no limitations when it comes to a trade, no base-year compensation issues. On the other hand, if Pat Riley were to turn around and deal Grant in the name of rebuilding, it would severely limit his ability to lure future free agents into long-term deals.

ON-COURT ISSUE: Grant deserved better than to be first shoved into the middle in Alonzo Mourningís absence, and then to be shoved out of the starting lineup after Mourning returned. Grant signed to be a starting power forward, a position he should prove more than adept at. He deserves that opportunity next season, even if Mourning again is sidelined, even if Anthony Mason returns. It is one thing to ask for a season of sacrifice, it is another to ask for such long-term acceptance. Grantís shooting range should leave him a factor even against zones. Grant deserved better in a season in which he gave everything.



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